Frankfurt Airport (FRA) Germany

Frankfurt Meet Assist

At Frankfurt airport we offer Premium Fast Track options for Arrivals, Departures, Connections and Transits. You will be met where you step into the terminal, and will be fast tracked and assisted to your driver, your lounge or the boarding gate. It is especially helpful for connection services between two flights, with or without immigration. It is a very personal & efficient service given by authorized and specially trained and experienced English speaking local airport staff.

Passing through this large and very busy airport with Fast Track’s Premium connection or arrival assistance and our local agents help will be a pleasant and memorable start, middle or end of the whole trip and to your travel & holiday experience. You can find more about the airport here Frankfurt Airport or visit the local website Frankfurt Fast Track. Frequently asked questions about airport assistance and VIP services are answered in our FAQs, and Meet and Assist booking is easy.

Connection & Transit Fast Track

Premium Fast Track Meet and Greet

For Frankfurt Premium Connection service for arrival meeting the greeter will be waiting where you step off the airbridge into the terminal building; and will be holding a sign with the lead Passenger name showing. Full assistance and fast tracking is given through all airport formalities; immigration processing is handled is fast tracked; complementary hand baggage trolleys are available if requested when booking; baggage assistance will be given and a free electric buggy may be possible to provide when it is available, allowed and needed.

For Frankfurt Premium Arrival or Departure, the meeting point is where you enter the terminal building, where our local English speaking staff will be waiting with a signboard. Full assistance and guidance will be given through all airport formalities. Immigration processing is fast tracked. Complementary hand baggage trolleys can be provided and baggage assistance will be given. Our concierge agent escorts the passengers to their airline lounge, or – for arrivals – to their driver or welcome party for a smooth and enjoyable luxury airport experience.

How To Book Frankfurt Airport Meet Assist

Making a booking for an Airport Meet and Assist service with Fast Track in overseas cities is fast and easy to do. We have very knowledgeable booking agents who are ready (i) to help you or your travel booker understand and select the correct service that you actually require; (ii) to make sure that the airport staff are briefed on the service you need; (iii) to confirm that the local staff are on station at the start time; (iv) to ensure you find your greeter; and (v) to oversee that your service goes to plan, even if flights are delayed or other unexpected problems arise.

It is a fully Managed Service. Using Fast Track’s Airport VIP help means you do not have to send an e-mail order to a foreign business with which you have not dealt with before, and whose written English and understanding of your needs may not be clear. Plus you do not have to send credit card details to their staff by e-mail. Using our service means you do not have to hope that the help you get is what you expected. Our expert team of travel supervisors will ensure your service goes as planned. It is why Travel Arrangers and PAs choose us.

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